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PCAN-Router DR

PCAN-Router DR
Varenr. IPEH-002213
Universal CAN Converter in DIN Rail Plastic Casing
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The PCAN-Router DR has two High-speed CAN channels. Their bit rate is adjusted with a rotary switch on the device front. The module forwards the message traffic bi-directionally 1:1 between both connected CAN busses. The ports of the device are isolated against each other and against the power supply with at least 500 V. Furthermore, CAN 1 has a separation voltage of up to 5 kV conforming with IEC 60601-1. With its DIN rail casing and the support of the extended temperature range, the module is suitable for use in an industrial environment. Just like the PCAN-Router in the aluminum casing, the PCAN-Router DR can be freely programmed. A corresponding development package is included in the scope of supply. OBS The transfer of the firmware via CAN requires a PEAK CAN interface.
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