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PCAN-Diag FD med ladestation

PCAN-Diag FD med ladestation
Varenr. IPEH-003069 IPEH-003068
Mobile Diagnostic Device for CAN and CAN FD Busses The PCAN-Diag FD is a handheld device for diagnosis of the communication on a CAN bus. Possibilities for diagnosis are available on the protocol layer by handling CAN 2.0 and CAN FD messages as well as on the physical layer by using the oscilloscope function and further measuring functions for voltage and resistance.
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The new CAN FD standard (CAN with Flexible Data rate) is primarily characterized by higher bandwidth for data transfer. The maximum of 64 data bytes per CAN FD frame (instead of 8 so far) can be transmitted with bit rates up to 12 Mbit/s. CAN FD is downward-compatible to the CAN 2.0 A/B standard, thus CAN FD nodes can be used in existing CAN networks. However, in this case the CAN FD extensions are not applicable.

The PCAN-Diag FD is operated in a simple manner with a push dial and four function keys. The device is supplied either externally or by the internal batteries that are automatically charged during external supply. With the optional charging station, the charging process can be accelerated.
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